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Meet Vince Ferguson

My Journey

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I am number 7 of 9 children, 8 boys and one girl. My love for fitness started in the Navy, where I traveled throughout all of Europe, South America, Hawaii, Guam, and parts of North Africa. What an amazing experience!   While in the Navy, I was assigned to an air squadron out of San Diego, California, and part of my time was spent on the USS Nimitz, an aircraft carrier. While in the Navy I found time to participate in a variety of sports, including Taekwondo and Kickboxing.


Upon being discharged from the Navy, I began a short-lived bodybuilding career.  Being on stage and competing with other bodybuilders in front of hundreds of spectators was exhilarating. It’s incredible how you can transform your body in a relatively short amount of time through proper nutrition and exercise, especially weight training.

I realized then and there the positive impact fitness had on my mind and body.  I felt more confident and self-aware. More importantly, I also realized if physical fitness could have such a positive effect on my body, mind, and well-being, then it could have similar effects on others, especially children. 


Consequently, I founded Body Sculpt of New York, Inc., a Brooklyn-based not-for-profit health and fitness organization. Our mission is to combat the obesity epidemic by providing families with the tools to live a healthy lifestyle through education and the promotion of a culture of physical fitness, health, and proper nutrition. Our signature program is our annual Children’s Sports & Fitness Expo.

While it is true that I have received some recognition for the work I have done through the years for the community, it all pales in comparison to seeing the smiles on the faces of the thousands of children who have participated in our programs through the years.

As a Speaker, I feel that it is my responsibility to educate the public about taking care of your health. You only get one body; if you take care of your body, your body will take care of you, but how do you take care of your body? You take care of your body by feeding it with proper nutrition, staying hydrated, and moving each and every day. There is a saying, “You either use it or lose it,” you don’t want to lose it, unless it’s “fat.”

Children’s Sports & Fitness Expo

In response to the alarming incidence of obesity among children, in 2004, I created the Children’s Sports & Fitness Expo. The Expo engages children in over 25 sports activities, nutrition clinics, health screenings, and live entertainment – all totally free.

During the event, families gain exposure to activities, programs, and services that will improve their health, thereby reducing the effects of obesity in their lives. The 15th annual was scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 13th, 2020.  Unfortunately, this event and others were canceled due to COVID-19.  We hope to reschedule for a later date. Childhood obesity is a national health crisis. It is our desire to replicate the Children’s Sports & Fitness Expo in other cities throughout the country. 

ABC-TV has been a long-standing partner and sponsor of my program for over 15 years. As a sponsor, they have contributed to my many events financially and in-kind by airing public service announcements and providing product donations. Having long-term partners is crucial to our success and having a well-respected media company such as ABC-TV for these many years is quite special.

Six Weeks To Fitness Programs

In 2008 I created Six Weeks to Fitness program, where I send fitness trainers and nutritionists to local businesses, churches, and community centers to engage adults in exercise and nutrition classes 2 to 3 days per week.  When the pandemic hit, we had to pivot from offering in-person programs to providing these programs virtually on Zoom. 

Because the programs are now virtual, we have been able to expand our reach into cities across the country and in other parts of the world. We have had participants in our Six Weeks to Fitness programs as far away as Ireland and Japan. We are literally transforming lives one week at a time. For more information on my Six Weeks to Fitness programs, click here.

Six Weeks To Fitness Podcast

I am also the creator and host of the “Six Weeks to Fitness” podcast, where I interview fitness and nutrition experts, doctors, athletes and celebrities to discuss the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. The podcast is available on all major podcast platforms, including iTunes, Apple, Spotify, Libsyn, and others.

Please take some time to listen to some of these interviews.  You will find these weight loss success stories genuinely amazing and inspiring.  You will also enjoy informative interviews with various nutritionists.  The nutritionists share their journey and provide advice and tips on how you can lose weight and keep it off.  I have interviewed guests who have lost as much or more than 100 pounds. Best of all, they’re keeping it off.

The athletes, actors, and actresses have some fantastic and exciting stories to share about their careers and what steps they take to stay healthy.    

Children’s Choice Awards

It was always my belief that children should have role models, so in 1993 I decided to create the Children’s Choice Awards.  The awards show involved a balloting process where children throughout the New York tri-state area voted for whom they believe were their positive role models in Music, Sports, Film/TV, Fashion, Politics, and Education.  There were three very unique components to my awards program that stood apart from any other award show at that time:: (i) the award recipients had to personally appear and accept the award, (ii) children actually presented the award to the winners, and (iii) we focused on education and acknowledged teachers from each of the five boroughs and parts of New Jersey and Connecticut.  Honorees have included: Michael Jackson (photo left), Brandy, Queen Latifah, LL Cool J, former New York State Governor Mario Cuomo, Fashion Designer Tommy Hilfiger,  and many others.

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