Six Weeks to Fitness.


In addition to the Children's Sports & Fitness Expo and daily fitness and nutrition services, the organization also provides Six Weeks to Fitness programs. Group Exercise and Nutrition instructors travel to your school, church or place of employment to engage a group of at least 10 adults and/or children in a variety of fitness and nutrition classes one to three days per week for a total of six weeks. These activities are conducted by certified fitness instructors and can include Zumba, Cardio Kickboxing, Cardio Bootcamp, Pilates, Yoga and much more.


You can also listen to our Six Weeks to Fitness podcasts where the President of Body Sculpt of New York interviews fitness and nutrition experts, athletes and celebrities to discuss the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.


For more information on our Six Weeks to Fitness programs and the Six Weeks to Fitness podcasts, please visit

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