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Six Weeks to Family Fitness

“Six Weeks to Family Fitness Pre-Survey Form”

Welcome to Body Sculpt of New York’s Six Week to Family Fitness Program!

We are excited to support you and your family with achieving your health and fitness goals.  Over the next six weeks, our staff will be “visiting” with you two days a week, offering two days of exercise activities along with one nutrition class.  These activities are family friendly and interactive, so don’t be shy; ask questions, clap to the music and enjoy your time with us!

Before you begin, Body Sculpt of New York would like you to complete a pre-survey to help us evaluate the effectiveness of this program.  Surveys are completely confidential and will be used for group assessments only.  At the end of the six-week program, you will receive another request to complete a post-survey. 

Thank you again for taking your health seriously and participating in our “Six Weeks to Family Fitness” program!

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